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Maximum Cart Quantity Best Practices

Maximum Cart Quantity Best Practices

Just wanted to clarify the following... the documentation here: states that from 2.4.3 the cart maximum is 750


Is this 750 unique items, regardless of the quantity requested for each item?


So if a customer has 750 items in their cart, but has a quantity of 2 for each item, does this count as 750 items in the cart, or 1500 items in the cart?




Re: Maximum Cart Quantity Best Practices

Hi @sarahatten9bcb ,


If you want to apply limit on whole cart then you need to try several free extensions like


Magento 2 default configuration available at below path

Stores => Configuration => Catalog => Inventory => Product Stock Options => Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart works for per product cart limit not for whole cart item limit.


Example you have only 2 products available in whole store named product 1 and product 2.

if you set Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart = 2 then you can add product 1's 2 qty in cart and product2's 2 qty in cart. It will limit qty per product available in cart.


Hope it helps!


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Ankit Jasani

Re: Maximum Cart Quantity Best Practices

Hi @Ankit Jasani 


Thanks for the response and info!


The reason I ask is because we experiencing timeouts when customers have really large baskets, and the documentation as linked previously, says that they advise no more than 750 in the cart in order to reduce the risk of increased response times - and yes, we wanted to confirm if the guidelines mean 750 unique items with a qty of 1 each, or if you up the qty, it still counts as 750 items


Hope that makes sense!