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Migrate plans google cloud sql


Migrate plans google cloud sql


I am using google vps with google cloud sql.
I am having doubts on the prerequisites for the magento database, specifically on maximum number connections to sql.
I'm currently using:
db-n1-standard-1 - vCPUs 1 and 3,75GB RAM with 25gb ssd, 4.000 Maximum number of connections

And I'm thinking of migrating to:
db-g1-small - vCPU shared, 1,7GB RAM with 25gb ssd(I can not reduce it after I create it), 1.000 Maximum number of connections

Will I have problems regarding performace?


Re: Migrate plans google cloud sql

Hi @guilhermetb,


Is a little bit harder to know beacuse you need to calculate your servers based on catalog sizem, customers, traffic, etc.

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