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Mismatched value (page crawl) [price] in Google Merchant Center

Mismatched value (page crawl) [price] in Google Merchant Center

Hi All,

Hope that everyone is well and having a great week so far.

I'm experiencing an issue with variable products. In my store (for example selling blankets, and then the variable products are the different sizes Single, Double, King, Super, etc.)

My product feed is submitted to Merchant Center but obviously Google occasionally does a page crawl of the site and it picks up on   Mismatched value (page crawl) [price].


From some experience on other (non-Magento) platforms, I believe this issue relates to the variable products not having their own configurable URL. So when Google crawls the URLs in the Merchant Feed, it crawls the  parent product (which is usually the cheapest product).


How can I get a URL for each and every variable product? What is the best way to achieve this and resolve the Google mismatch issue?

I have seen some suggestions of making all products visible in Catalog and Search. My worry here is making that setting change could ungroup the variations leading to single duplicate listings on every category/search page. This seems unworkable to me but I'm hopeful that someone has come across the same problem and knows a viable fix.


Hoping you can help.


Many Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer. The end result I would like here is that Google is able to crawl the variable products so it sees the correct price for that variant and not just the price of the parent item.screenshot showing the variationsscreenshot showing the variations



Re: Mismatched value (page crawl) [price] in Google Merchant Center

Did you find a solution for this?  getting the same issue here.  I use parent URL's with specific variant parameters in the data feed so each variant has a unique URL in the feed.

Re: Mismatched value (page crawl) [price] in Google Merchant Center



Did you get any solution to avoide this mismatch price error ? 


i am haveing same issue with configurable.


Your help will be appricated.


Thank you


Re: Mismatched value (page crawl) [price] in Google Merchant Center

Has anyone else found a good solution to this?


Is it due to changes in Google's crawler/rendering cloud?