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Missing Generation Content

Missing Generation Content

Hello All,


Completely new to Magento and just getting my feet wet so please be gentle...


I've installed M2 on a development box (CentOS 7 w/ php 5.6.22...clean install with nothing else on the box) and am having an issue with a product we purchased (uDropShop), but I'm not 100% confident that the issue is with the product as I start digging into the code. (Yes, I am also working with their tech support).


As I try to troubleshoot the issue, I'm noticing that references within their code appear to point to things that do not exist in the <install_dir>/var/generation directory (where I think that they should be based on my limited exposure to M2).


These are the use statements in one of their php files and the yes/no indicates if the directory exists or not....


use \Magento\Backend\Block\Widget\Context;  (NO)
use \Magento\Backend\Block\Widget\Form\Container; (NO)
use \Magento\Backend\Model\Session; (YES)
use \Magento\Directory\Helper\Data as DirectoryHelperData; (YES)
use \Magento\Framework\Registry; (NO)
use \Unirgy\Dropship\Helper\Data as HelperData; (NO)
use \Unirgy\Dropship\Model\Vendor; (YES)
use \Zend_Json; (NO)

I've done (and re-done) clearing the di and generation folders, recompile, reindex, etc uncountable times.


Am I totally off-base that all of the directories listed above should exist?


Thank you in advance,








Re: Missing Generation Content

Hello Unclerico,
as you mentioned that you compiled uncountable time, did you give appropriate permission after recompiling and clearing cache to di\, generation\, cache\ directory inside var directory? After each compilation, we need to provide permission to the above-mentioned directory.

Please, can you add here the exception logged in system.log or exception.log to get more info about the error?