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Mobile: Storeview Change on Page Refresh

Mobile: Storeview Change on Page Refresh

I am experiencing a technical issue. I have two storeviews for my store, the GR and the EN.

The default one, is the GR. My problem is, every time I load the website and the page refreshes, reloads, or I change page, an automatic language change happens.

Best case scenario, I select to change back the language, but in most cases, even if I press the switch for the language change, the page refreshes but, the storeview does not change.


Any help is appreciated. Many thanks and have a great rest of the day!



Re: Mobile: Storeview Change on Page Refresh

Hello @panosdrougf036 


Take the following steps in order to enable the language pack in Magento 2:

Navigate to Stores > Configuration > General > Locale Options.
Choose the corresponding language from the Locale dropdown. Note: in case you have several store views switch to the Store View you want to change the language for.


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Re: Mobile: Storeview Change on Page Refresh

Your Storeview page is in the process of being updated. You should see a notice like this when you visit your Storeview page: You may have to check on is speedy paper legit site how refresh your browser window or use the “back” button on your device to see the update. To confirm that you are seeing this screen, please try out one of the following actions: