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Multi Store website with Sales Category - Duplicate URLs

Multi Store website with Sales Category - Duplicate URLs

We have a website that has multistores on it, but it has a sales category that is shown across all 4 websites. However when copying over products to the Sales category we are shown an error message that says the url keys are duplicating.


Is there a way we can save the sales category as there are lots of names that overlap. We've attempted to edit the URL key, and use rewrites, but neither of these have helped.


Any idea how we can solve this please?




Re: Multi Store website with Sales Category - Duplicate URLs

@Yoma Limited


If I understand correctly then you are looking to display your Sales products to all of your stores, is that right? 

If so then you don't need to duplicate the products. Just make sure that those products are enabled in all store views. You can do so by: 


  • Navigating to Catalogue -> Products 
  • Select the products that you want to show on the websites
  • From the left top column, select Update Attributes
  • On the next page in the websites section, select the websites/stores that you want your products to list into. 
  • Click save

Once done, your selected products will appear in the selected stores. 

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