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Multi select attribute not being indexed

Multi select attribute not being indexed

Advanced search is not working.  I've narrowed it down to a multi select attribute not being indexed correctly.  I've tested by manually adding a record to catalog_product_index_eav table.  Once I manually add it, the advanced search finds it.  If I reindex, its no longer found.


After data migration, I have a couple of multi select attributes that the indexer is not indexing correctly.  From what I understand, if  eav_attribute.backend_type is set to varchar, it should see it in catalog_product_entity_varchar.  Its not there, but I have found it in catalog_product_entity_text.


I have the attribute properties set up like

Use in search: Yes

Visible in advanced search: Yes

Used in Layered Nav: No

Use in search results layer: No


I have also verified that I have products with those specific attributes set.


What else can I do to troubleshoot this?