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Multiple Configurable product issues

Multiple Configurable product issues

I have made a new Magento2.3.5 store and it's mostly working fine but there's some major issues with configurable products.


1. When duplicating a configurable product it's keeping the simple products attached. Which is wrong, and stupid. I then have to go unassign them before I can add the new ones.

2. When using the wizard to create the simple products for a configurable product, it's not correctly taking the SKU or product name, or the weight, of the configurable product. Which is wasting time trying to add new products. It' just comes up with 'undefined'.

3. Despite me setting their inventory, the simple products are always set as 'out of stock', which then means I have to then go and edit them all afterwards to change this


Any assistance would be most appreciated


Re: Multiple Configurable product issues

Just had a MASSIVE issue.


I duplicated a configurable product, reran the wizard to populate it, and it edited the duplicated products simple products instead of making it's own.


It's completely **bleep**ed up.

Re: Multiple Configurable product issues

Anyone have any ideas on this?


We REALLY need to get this fixed. It's making the store a nightmare to add products to.


Happy to pay a small fee to get it sorted.