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Not a good start

Not a good start

Here we go "mcrypt."

My first attempt at installing Magento and I'm saddled with a mcrypt  message that does allow me to install until I correct this.  

From what I've read   mcrypt is deprecated 2007 but it doesn't look like Magento has kept up with this.


I'm running php7.2.5 on Xampp until I get to grips with everything. 




Can anyone throw any light on this subject? it's driving me mad.



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Re: Not a good start

Could you show your error message which you were faced.

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Re: Not a good start

Hi @philip_taylor,


Latest stable version of Magento won't work with PHP 7.2.x yet.

There is a project on going to provide support to that version and also the Mcrypt libary was dropped (Magento will use libsodium).

You can read more about the project here:


Also, you will need to downgrade your php version to 7.1.x in order to get a Magento stable instance working.

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