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Odd htaccess? issues

Odd htaccess? issues

we set up magento2 in /var/www/html/magento

it has a local ip 10... an external 173... and a url pointing to the external

if i change apache document root to /var/www/html/magento nothing works, at all

the site is only accessible if your not local however if I remove /magento from my 10.x.x.x/magento I get my Hello World file in /var/www/html which leads to to believe this is a magento config.  I can ssh into our 10. as well, but I can't view the site on 10. or 173.  I need to open a vpn to access the site, and then it works fine?


so in summary

10.x.x.x loads our hello world in /var/www/html

10.x.x.x/magento times out

173.x.x.x times out in house

173.x.x.x loads hello world out of house

173.x.x.x/magento times out in house

173.x.x.x/magento loads magento page correctly out of house