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Page stuck on spinner after clicking Place Order

Page stuck on spinner after clicking Place Order

I'm testing a new Magento installation with PayPal Payments Pro integrated. When I click on the Place Order button, the "spinner" appears and never goes away. Nothing happens. No order appears in the back end. If I close the tab and start over, the item is still in the shopping cart. Tried ordering both as a guest and as a logged-in user.


Version: 2.3.2
Mode (Magento): Production
Mode (PayPal): Test

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge


I had cleared my local cache and deleted all site cookies just before. I also flushed/cleaned every possible cache in the admin and in the CLI. In the payment.log file, it shows
'respmsg' => 'Approved',
'result_code' => '0'


Nothing in the other log files. Nothing in the "Errors" section of cPanel. No Javascript errors in the console.


Forever grateful to anyone who can help me get past this. Smiley Sad


UPDATE: This problem went away when I turned off Test mode, though it was pretty slow. But inasmuch as I'm not actually ready for this site to be live and would like to be able to test transactions, I would still really love a solution to this problem.


Re: Page stuck on spinner after clicking Place Order

Hello @phil_geyer 


Right now, you are using PayPal sandbox detail and production mode of Magento, which is why you can not trace the error.

For this, you have to change the mode to the developer.


After that, check any error in system.log or extension.log, also check in browser console request and response.


It may be helpful!

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Re: Page stuck on spinner after clicking Place Order

Facing the same issue, did anyone figured out the solution to this? The call get stuck inside the placeOrder function.