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Password Rest Error


Password Rest Error

Good morning,


We've been getting calls from customers that the reset password link doesn't work, we've tested with multiple email addresses on Chrome, Edge, and Explorer but faced the same errors. Here's the end-user test in sequence and the total testing time was under 3m. 


Submitted Email Address for Password Reset
Received Email Link to reset
Clicked Link Provided
Error Message - Your password reset link has expired.
After second-time to reset the password (We received too many requests for password resets for your account. Please try again later.)


Also, I did clear the cache but the issue was still present

Magento Password Configuration ->

main site address:


Re: Password Rest Error

can you print error log?


To check what is that exception, go to class method


and in catch statement log the exception like die($exception);


or might be timezone issue

Manish Mittal