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PayPal Integration Crazy -


PayPal Integration Crazy -

ok here goes - bit long but please bear with me

I'm setting up our Magento 2 site with PayPal Express Checkout.

Becaue I'm a UK merchant, I set the 'Merchant Country' to 'United Kingdom'.

PayPal Express Checkout AND PayPal Credit were displaying on the frontend.

But I don't want to use PayPal Credit.

Apparently, the PayPal Credit displays by default and you have to turn off this feature in Stores/Sales/Payment Methods/PayPal/Configure/Advanced Settings/Frontend Experience Settings/Features.

There is no PayPal Credit option to turn off...

So you have to change your 'Merchant Country' to 'United States'.

Save and Clear Cache and then you will see the option to disable the PayPal Credit feature.

Then you have to change the 'Merchant Country' back to 'United Kingdom'.

The PayPal Credit button is no longer displayed on the frontend.

If you have opted to use 'In-Context Checkout Experiece', you see a basic 'Buy Now' PayPal button on the frontend. If you click this on the products page, you see the message 'TO CHECK OUT, PLEASE SIGN IN WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS'.

I have allowed 'Guest Checkout' In the Magento Admin.

Oh and if you change anything in the PayPal Express Checkout configuration, you'll see the PayPal Credit Payment button on the frontend again and so you have to go through the whole lot again !!!!!

None of this makes sense and looking at other posts around the web, these issues have nto been solved.

Does anyone have the solution beforeI pull all my hair out please?

Thank you in advance