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Payment Methods not showing in checkout

Payment Methods not showing in checkout

While working on a magento 2.3.2 shop the payment methods stopped appearing in frontend. So I googled an figured it must be an issue with my app/design/Frontend/Vendor/THEME/ checkout files so I restored the backup of the filesystem before the error occurred. Cleaned cache, redeploxed static content - still not working. 


So I imported the old DB to a second database and changed env.php

With the old database the payment methods appear again.

I definitly did not change the payment method configuration in the backend.


All i did in the meantime is add Fixed Product Tax and change Tax settings.


I dont get the Payment Methods to break when applying my changes to the old DB.

I dont get the Payment Methods to work again when applying the old settings to the new DB.


I added about 200 products since the old DB so I want to continue with the new one.

Anyone an idea of how to get the payment methods to show again or what the source of failure could be?