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Paypal - Address + cart data missing

Paypal - Address + cart data missing

Hi all,

I am starting a store based on Magento Community 2.1.6.

I am using 3 payments methods: PayPal, cash on delivery, bank transfer.

The last two work as expected.

PayPal behaves strangely:

- there is something wrong with the cart lines in PayPal. I see them the PayPal page but not in the confirmation email I receive from PayPal.

- the customer is never asked the shipping address. Neither in my Magento store nor in the PayPal page. In fact, if the customer chooses to pay with PayPal the address form in the store is missing, he only sees a "proceed to paypal" button.


So in the end, it a customer chooses paypal I am just informed that someone ordere something. But I don't know what he ordered and where to ship it.


I enabled "Website Payments Standard".

I typed my API keys.

I enabled "Transfer Cart Line Items".


Any suggestion?