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Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps



We are developing a Native Android and iOS mobile apps for our Magento 2.x based ecommerce store. We are facing some issues for integrating Paypal payment gateway with our mobile apps.


Paypal SDK showing deprecated. So we used Braintree express checkout SDK to integrate with mobile app. But couldn't find REST APIs for mobile app. Also the card information are not saving. So, could any one help us to integrate Paypal/ Braintree gateway with mobile app?


Is there any REST APIs available for this or do we need to use GraphQL APIs? Please help!




Re: Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

Hello @refazqapti7f3d,


Mobile applications have different types of payment getaways based on the store and that payment process. Payment gateways are making the payment process easy. If we take any mobile app we can double sure how many payment gateways we have.


Magento 2 mobile app builder comes equipped with support for multiple payment gateways that you want to integrate into your store. Give your customers options to choose from a variety of options so they can shop hassle-free. PayPal comes inbuilt, with support for custom options of your choice.


Re: Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

Good tips. Paypal is very secure and well accepted by customers.

Re: Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

vrunda_patel, I can totally agree, that it's better to give some payment options to the customers. And for me, there is no better dev company than Adapty, which provides ios in app purchases sdk services for almost any ios application, and implements it pretty fast. As I remember, in our case, with our app, it took something like two hours.

Re: Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

Hi @refazqapti7f3d,

Portable applications have various kinds of installment excursions in light of the store and that installment cycle. Installment passages are making the installment cycle simple. On the off chance that we take any portable application we can twofold certain the number of installment doors we have.

Magento 2 portable application developer comes outfitted with help for quite a long time passages that you need to coordinate into your store. Give your clients choices to browse an assortment of choices so they can shop bother free. PayPal comes inbuilt, with help for custom choices of your decision.

Re: Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

Hello @refazqapti7f3d 


Here is the step by step guide for Paypal integration in native mobile app

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Re: Paypal Integration - Magento 2 Mobile apps

  1. Access the Admin console for the environment you need to configure.
  2. In the left-side navigation, select Stores > Configuration, then select Sales > Payment Methods.
  3. For PayPal, select Configure. 
  4. Connect your PayPal account

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