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Performance Issue

Performance Issue


I'm actually trying to do a performance test of my Magento module. My module does some REST API calls and waits for the response and few heavy kinds of stuff, so to verify the amount of delay my module is adding I was doing performance testing. At that time I happened to notice that even without my module Magento performance is poor. Here's my setup detail and test detail.


Machine: 4 Core CPU, 15GB Memory (GCP Machine)

Magento: v2.3.2 running on Apache 2.4 with PHP 7.1

Full Page Caching is enabled (Varnish as the Caching Application). 


Test: 1000 RPS, 400 RPS, 200 RPS

With 1000 RPS I saw a whopping 32% of failures.

With 400 RPS the failure rate was around 10%

With 200 RPS the failure was around 1% (0.78% to be more precise).


The average load time was constantly around 3 4 seconds.


Am I missing something ?! Is there some more settings I can do to increase some more performance. ?!


P.S: I noticed my module didn't add any delay. The results were similar.


Re: Performance Issue

Yes you can set the website in production mode but before switching to production mode.

First minify CSS and Javascript 

Re: Performance Issue

I've tried Minify also. Still, the first request takes around 4 seconds. Next request is instant.

Re: Performance Issue

Is that for your module or for the whole website?

Re: Performance Issue

Speed also depends upon the images on homepage and if they are optimised also if we are not using the external scripts which take time to load externally. So if you can share the link i can check and let you know if the speed can be improved further.


Re: Performance Issue

My actual goal is not the website but it's my module. It's a plugin I'm writing for Magento. So I'm testing with the Sample Site which comes in the kit. Also for testing purpose, I've created a sample hello world page. No css or JS related to that page at least. 

Re: Performance Issue

Hi @amrit_talapatra 


This are some basics steps to increase your site performance:


- Enable Flat Categories and Products
- Merge CSS and JS Files
- Enable Caching
- Image Optimization
- Enable Compression
- Set Production mode

Hope it helps!


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Re: Performance Issue

Hello @amrit_talapatra 


The post "How to Speed Up Magento 2" may be helpful to you.


Also if you want to go for a FREE solution for automating defer parsing of Javascript in Magento 2, you may have a look at Magento 2 Defer Parsing of Javascript extension.


It offers key features like:

  • Improved Site Speed.
  • Improved User Experience.
  • Automatic defer parsing of Javascript.
  • Exclude home page, controllers and Magento store paths from defer parsing of JavaScript.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Performance Issue


Magento performance optimization is required for a variety of reasons. According to one research, 42 percent of users quit a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Anywhere over that range increases the likelihood of desertion by a substantial proportion.


Businesses in the eCommerce industry cannot afford to lose it. It emphasizes the need for Magento performance improvement.


To reduce the danger of the website loading slowly, you must address the many variables that might cause it to do so. This process begins with the configuration of the Magento website.


Read in-depth: Common Magento Performance Issues And Fixes


Thank you!