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Postback Tracking Setup on Thank You page

Postback Tracking Setup on Thank You page

hi everyone, 

been trying to find some information on the implementation of the postback pixel on Magento's Thank You page but so far no luck. Thought one of you here may know the answer or perhaps point me in the right direction. 


So here it goes, our little affiliate postback tracking problem:


One of our relatively new affiliate partners have been pushing traffic to our online store for almost 4 months now delivering steady stales every single day. That's where the good news ends am afraid Smiley Sad They've recently asked us to place their postback url on our Thank You page in order for them to better optimize the traffic funnels and improve the overall ROI & conversion rate. We really like this idea as it will give both sides clear benefits moving forward, however we are not exactly sure how to implement their global postback url on our end (Thank You page). 


Would there be a simple way to code the postback url onto our Thank you page? Or perhaps a 3rd party extension(s) that we should be looking at? Not sure if it's important but currently all of our affiliate's traffic is ran through shareasale tracking links. Unfortunately from what we know, postback tracking functionality is not available on shareasale platform. 

Once again thanks for your help.