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Problems creating configurable products

Problems creating configurable products

So I've created a new installation and I'm having issues creating configurable products

I'm using magento version 2.2.3
ts a new installation on a site ground cloud server
memory 8gb
ssd 60gb

Php version 7.0.29
php.ini set through php variable manager


Not using the ssl at the moment, to see if that was the problem, but the problem is still there

when we do a readiness check its only registering 1024M not 2048M

But when we were installing magento on the server it did see the php version change.

initally we were having a ERROR 504 - GATEWAY TIMEOUT nginx


But that was solved by the very helpful advice of @ManthanDave by adding


fastcgi_read_timeout 600;
proxy_read_timeout 600;


But it still takes forever for magento to communicate with the database by the time it times out

the maximum products it saves is 40 variations in 10 mins and then fails the rest


My hosting provider has said


“There is a script within the application that causes the database to generate slow MySQL queries.”


But it’s a brand new installation, so I don’t understand why that would happen.


Regardless I installed magento again using another a fresh installation files and the problem happened again


I put it in production mode and I’ve used static deploy, but the problem is still persists

Some help would be great


Kind regards

Umair Iqbal