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Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue



What are the possible reasons why magento isn't showing 1-12 on the pages? It'll show like 1-8 on page 1, then 13 - 24 on page 2.


This one is on page 2, but is only showing Products 13-20 . But page 3 will properly start at product 25.


Our catalog is showing all including out of stock products. When we took it out, it became even less. Like 1-6 .




Re: Product Catalogue

Hello @karolretaid8eb 


This seems issue of product listing page collection, by default it is picking count of data which is 46, and so the products per pages, that is calculating from main/core product collection, but on listing page you must have added any filter to hide some products or change in collection query, if you don't know about this, then you can find if any extension you have installed for listing products, you can disable that and check.


Hope it helps !

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