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Product Import: Images not shown in category view

Product Import: Images not shown in category view


I installed a fresh Magento CE 2.1.6, I can import about 2.500 products using the import function as usual. 

My only problem: When importing images, the categories do not show pictures, only broken image links. In product view, images work fine.

When checking the category view, I find that the images linked which are supposed to be in a cache folder are not present. 

As soon as I manually attach the tag "small" in the product management to a single products, it works fine. 

I did cache cleaning etc. 
I also imported just a few article images to exclude memory or time limit problems. 
Running a large custom server without load issues. 

Any ideas? I would also be glad to set the "small" tag in the database, however even after browsing for a while I don't see where this tag is processed in the database. 

Thank you Smiley Happy



Re: Product Import: Images not shown in category view

Hi @matthiasboller


Best is to add small image in the csv import file. It'd save your time and apply the right images to your products. 

I recently managed to import more than 10K products and it all went fine. 


I hope this answers your question. 

Magento Certified Solution Specialist | Lead Magento developer
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