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Product edit page "Product In Websites" extremely slow

Product edit page "Product In Websites" extremely slow

I'm on 2.2.5 and currently running into an issue where opening the 'product in websites' section on a specific configurable product is taking an extremely long time to open up, and then once it does its not immediately editable.  This is not the case for all products, it appears to be just this product that was recently updated.


The problem only started occurring once I moved that product over to a new website.  The process I took was in the product grid page, I filtered to find the configurable and all its simple for this product, selected them all, selected the action 'update attributes'.   Then under websites I added it to the desired website.


Is there a better way to copy a configurable product to a new website on the same server, and is there anything I can do to fix this product?


Re: Product edit page "Product In Websites" extremely slow

As a follow-up all of the simple products in the configurable product come across with price 0.00 and are set to disabled.  Is there any way to get around that?