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Product save does not work with special characters '(', ')' and '+'

Product save does not work with special characters '(', ')' and '+'



we are having a problem with entering articles in the backend as soon as a bit non-standard characters appear in the description or in the short description.

When we add a product with the text 'from time-to-time (with brackets)' and push the Save-button, nothing happens. In especial, the string "You saved the product" does not appear and the article does not show up in the catalog.

A similar effect happens, when we import articles via a xtCommerce->magento migration tool which have such characters in their description. Then the articles appear in the catalog, but major article characteristics are not stored (e.g. stock status, inventory). These characteristics even cannot be modified then. They remain as before without an error message and without the "You saved the product" notice.


Can this be reproduced on your installation? Does anyone have an idea what settings (encoding?) could cause this?