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Products Import Execution time

Products Import Execution time


We are trying to import products from admin panel which is around 380. We are fetching images from external sources. Its taking almost 2 hours 5 mins to execute 380 products and imported only 270 products.

While importing we mentioned import behavior as "Skip error entries". We got error like this.


"Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions"


Our question is why it is taking 2 hours time to import just 370 products. ?


How can we reduce the product import timeline?

We are using magento 2.2.4 Latest version.


Re: Products Import Execution time

Your images import from other external resources, So its takes times also your all the products are not imported because of there are some issue in csv file and based on that your all products are not imported. 


You can download external images to your magento import folder using below script,


You can reduce time by below way, Just get all those images from external server to your magento pub/media/import folder by php script so your Import process don't go to other resources for download images and your time should be reduced .

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Re: Products Import Execution time

Hi @KiranL


Product import is taking time because you are importing your product images from external sources !


So every time when magento tries to import one product the link call also goes to that external resources and which takes time to download the images and that is the reason your product import is also taking time !


to over come the problem and to resolved this issue - you need to download all the images first in your local system and put those images into magento 2 pub/media directory in images/import directory folder !


Now in your csv in product image column you need to mention path of the image along with its name.


so while importing products magento automatically take image from that directory , and import into that specific product.


it will do smoother process and it will not consume more time 


Hope it helps !

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