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Products Not Displaying

Products Not Displaying

Ugh, pulling my hair out on this one.


We have a 3rd party data integration team who has imported over 200,000 products into the Magento installation.  However, none of the products will display.  Categories are present as appropriate and we've switched from the existing theme to the default Luna theme with no success as well.  


We've also tried the following:


php bin/magento indexer:reindex
php bin/magento cache:clean
php bin/magento cache:flush


to no avail.


Inventory has been set up as appropriate, saleable quantities exist...  HELP!


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Products Not Displaying

Hello @supportdigd82e ,


You didn't share your magento version, though most common issue is, if you are using magento 2.4 then make sure elasticsearch is in working state, if it's disabled, the product listing page and search functionality will not work.


If you are using earlier version, navigate to admin, pick any product to edit and do following checks : 

1. Enable product should be yes

2. Quantity and stock status should be saleable

3. It should linked with proper category

4. Visibility should be "catalog, Search"

5. Check these settings on store view level as well.


If anythings need to change, configure them then run above commands which you shared.

also give a try by hitting URL key of any product directly with .html.

Let me know if it works for you!

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Re: Products Not Displaying

A command I hadn't tried before fixed this:

bin/magento indexer:reset

In the past, I'd only used "reindex", but a reset was necessary in this case.

Re: Products Not Displaying

Make sure you have followed all the below steps:
1) Product is enabled from the backend.
2) You have set the visibility to catalog,search option.
3) Product is assigned to a particular website.
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Re: Products Not Displaying

Thanks, gaurav_harsh1.


Checked all those settings and they all seem good.  When I try to go to the direct URL of the product (using the SEO link), it just returns a 404.



Re: Products Not Displaying

Just trying this now...

Okay, tried using bin/magento indexer:reset with no success (and I did run the other commands after that as well).


And when I try to go the products direct URL, I most definitely get a 404 page.


Any other ideas?  This is driving me nuts!






Re: Products Not Displaying

Alright, made some progress with this. @gaurav_harsh1 @Sanjay Jethva @leopham988f4b2 


It appears that the imported products work as long as no images are attached.  If we attach images, then the products don't appear.


Any ideas on that twist? Smiley Happy