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Question about Having search troubles ?

Question about Having search troubles ?

I've reinstalled and check things quite a few times over now. I searched Google and these forums. I haven't found anyone else having this issue though. Fresh install of the latest (as of today) version of Magento. Apache 2.14.8 PHP 7.0.2 MySQL 5.7.10 Everything else seems to be working fine except when I try and search. It hangs and just spins forever. I get a proc in the processlist of mysql that runs a query like this: INSERT INTO `search_tmp_56b162b6e37cc6_54438311` SELECT `main_select`.`entity_id`, MAX(score) AS Even after killing these procs they stay in killed status and don't go away unless I stop and start mysql. Anyone have any idea what could be going on? Thanks. 


Re: Question about Having search troubles ?

Hi @vhvg_chv 


I think you are need to check this URL once. 

And also if you are using Elastic search you need to wait sometime. As I can see there is already a bug reported to Magento and they are working on it.


Here are the links:

Issue with current version of serach Link1,

New version is in progress Link2




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