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Redirect Loop when navigating to home page - Magento 2.3

Redirect Loop when navigating to home page - Magento 2.3



As the subject states, I am getting a redirect loop, I have checked the core_config_data table, the .htaccess file, and the configuration within the admin page.


Prior to the redirect loop occurring, I enabled an extension called potatocommerce to minify js and css files. I refreshed the configuration and page cache, navigated to the site to test the performance, and all seemed fine.


Once I was done testing, I decided to disable the extension, I refreshed the cache once again, navigated to the site, and started to get the redirect loop. This is the main domain where the redirect occurs. Oddly enough I can access the landing page when I type the direct URL like this. I can then navigate the website just fine as long as I don't click the home button. The site currently runs on Magento 2.3


Any assistance would be appreciated.



Rich C.