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Reviews not showing in page source (magento 2)

Reviews not showing in page source (magento 2)

Hello, Im curious does anyone know why the reviews are displayed on the product page but not shown in page source? I thought this was called cloaking, and that it was a bad SEO practice. 

Initially they were in the tabs section and not shown in page source, so i moved them out of the tab section and they are displayed directly on the product pages, but still not showing up in page source.  


Im a rookie i guess, so I dont understand what is causing that or how to change that if its even possible.   On my old M1 site, google even uses reviews in the search result meta info. And i think reviews add valuable content to a product and help rank your page. plus they keep the page fresh because if you only display recent 10 reviews, it keeps getting updated as new reviews are added. and thats a good thing also. 


So does anyone know about this and can point me in the right direction.

thanks for your time. 


Re: Reviews not showing in page source (magento 2)

Hi @danny_barnette ,

Did you found a solution for this?