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SOLVED: Paypal Payments Pro Problem (Error 10548) with Magento 2.2.0


SOLVED: Paypal Payments Pro Problem (Error 10548) with Magento 2.2.0

Hello all. For the last two weeks, I've failed to get the integrated Paypal Payments Pro module working with Magento 2.2.0.  I've tried everything and continue to receive Paypal 10548 errors that normally indicate a problem with not having a business account, which I do. I'm migrating from a Miva Merchant store. Paypal has confirmed all is well on their end, to some degree, since getting them to assist is tough (they like to hand you off for someone else to deal with). The problem is ongoing and the Magento server reports the following when processing a valid credit card - "An error occurred with the server. Please try again".  Same 10548 error every time.  If you can dream it, I have probably tried it so far.  Server is hosted with SiteGround.  I've been through the Magento Paypal Payments documentation more times than I can remember (  All Paypal Manager (merchant acct) settings have been triple checked.  Tried Visa and AMEX cards, all valid and working.  Any help is appreciated.  Willing to pay for someone to sort this out, as it's probably a problem where the 0 should be a 1 somewhere.   Perhaps the amount of $.0.00 in the log file below is the issue (I just noticed that) although the transaction was actually for $2.00.  Many thanks for any ideas on where to go. Screen grabs attached as well.


Log files showing the error:


[2017-11-29 20:28:01] main.DEBUG: array (
'request' =>
array (
'partner' => 'PayPal',
'pwd' => '****',
'verbosity' => 'HIGH',
'BUTTONSOURCE' => 'Magento_Cart_Community',
'tender' => 'C',
'trxtype' => 'A',
'amt' => 0,
'createsecuretoken' => 'Y',
'returnurl' => '',
'errorurl' => '',
'cancelurl' => '',
'disablereceipt' => 'TRUE',
'silenttran' => 'TRUE',
'firstname' => 'Joe',
'lastname' => 'Blow',
'street' => 'XX XXXXX',
'city' => 'XXXXXXX',
'state' => 'XX',
'zip' => 'XXXXX',
'country' => 'US',
'email' => 'XXXXXXXXXXX',
'shiptofirstname' => 'Joe',
'shiptolastname' => 'Blow',
'shiptostreet' => 'XXXXXXX',
'shiptocity' => 'XXXXXXXX',
'shiptostate' => 'XX',
'shiptozip' => 'XXXXX',
'shiptocountry' => 'US',
'result' =>
array (
'result' => '0',
'securetoken' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
'securetokenid' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
'respmsg' => 'Approved',
'result_code' => '0',
) [] []
[2017-11-29 20:28:04] main.DEBUG: array (
'STATE' => 'XX',
'AMT' => '0.00',
'ACCT' => '****',
'FIRSTNAME' => 'Joe',
'NAMETOSHIP' => 'Joe Blow',
'RESULT' => '5',
'ZIP' => 'XXXXX',
'EXPDATE' => '****',
'RESPMSG' => 'Invalid merchant information: 10548-This transaction cannot be processed. The merchant\'s account is not able to process transactions.',
'CARDTYPE' => '3',
'NAME' => 'Joe Blow',
'COUNTRY' => 'US',
'BILLTONAME' => 'Joe Blow',
'PNREF' => 'BP3PF0060F20',
'TRANSTIME' => '2017-11-29 12:28:02',
'HOSTCODE' => '10548',
'LASTNAME' => 'Blow',
) [] []





 Larger image available here


Re: Paypal Payments Pro Problem (Error 10548) with Magento 2.2.0

SOLVED:  It was a Paypal issue all along.  If you experience the same issue, contact Paypal ( with details and ask them to toggle the product on and off.  I spent countless hours just calling/emailing Paypal, only to be passed around since no one wanted to deal with it.  Finally, I reached Adam and he solved it.  He response is below.


Typically we see this 10548 API error code when the Pro product isn't enabled on an account, but I have looked at your PayPal and Payflow accounts and can see they are properly linked/enabled. I had one of our internal teams here toggle the product off and back on again to make sure it is linked properly, and this time when I tested your checkout, I am not getting the 10548 error......