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SSL not secure because of 1 image


SSL not secure because of 1 image


Recently moved from bigcommerce to Magento (so far very impressed)

The SSL is setup for the entire website to be under secure on all pages. There is just 1 image that causes the SSL not to stay secure. Tried to locate file but not seeing it? Any ideas please?

Insecure URL: /pub/static/version1505938565/frontend/Infortis/ultimo/en_US/images/tex/1.png
Found in: /asset/dynamic/assets/m/iult/f/cfg.css/


Re: SSL not secure because of 1 image

What is the CSS statement that's included in /asset/dynamic/assets/m/iult/f/cfg.css/ for this image? It would be strange for it to be but it may be that this is directly referencing https rather than being a relative link. If so, update to be relative, look through css files for how other images are included.


If you aren't able to get it working, could you share a link to the live site please?

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Re: SSL not secure because of 1 image



Are you using any theme, that creates that file?


If yes then you need to share how they generate that css file.



Re: SSL not secure because of 1 image

Well you have mixed content in your code. You can use hours to search for the error or you can resolve the problem like this:

Go to Content -> Design - > Configuration - > Choose your site and select to Edit it.

Go to HTML head - > Scripts and Style Sheets

Insert this code:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests">


All insecure request will now be "upgraded" to secure on the fly Smiley Happy

If a secure version of the content is not available, it will not be loaded and the page will still be showed as being secure.