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Saving any "Attribute Set" after initial creation fails - 403 Forbidden

Saving any "Attribute Set" after initial creation fails - 403 Forbidden

Good afternoon, it's my first time here please be gentle! - I can't figure out how to work around this issue, so I've come to you in the hopes that you may know where things have gone wrong! I suspect a full wipe of the current attributes/attribute sets, and then an import of the vanilla Magento attributes/attribute sets might fix whatever bug has found its way in, what do you think?

Thanks for the help in advance,

--- Info:
This store is not currently live and only has a few test products in it.
Nexcess Magento Hosting
Magento CE 2.1.5
Apache 2.2.31
PHP 7.0.15
MySQL Percona Server 5.6.35-80.0
Chrome Browser


--- Reproduce:
After so much configuration up to this point, I can't describe how to reproduce the issue from a blank Magento install, sorry. I have created a number of attributes of my own that I want to place in a new attribute set, and I've possibly modified some of the defaults (I have modified color, for example). I may have even deleted a default attribute, though I doubt that - but I've not got a list of the defaults handy to compare. For me currently, all I have to do to encounter this error is:


1. Log in to admin panel
2. Go to Stores > Attributes > Attribute Set
3. "Add Attribute Set"
4. Name "Test1" based on "Default" (or indeed any attribute set), click "Save".
5. "You saved the attribute set." - all good so far.
6. Attempt to modify anything in the attribute set, e.g. change the name to "Test2".
7. Click "Save".
8. Magento pops up a loading "Please wait..." for about a quarter of a second, then that disappears leaving you on the same page you were on, nothing changed.
9. Browser console output shows the following error (domain URL unnecessary):


legacy-build.min.js:1 POST http://domain.domain/admin/catalog/product_set/save/id/19/key/68ff563b166629c59c70be963787f4d213023cea333cef74129ab6d563c532ba/?isAjax=true 403 (Forbidden)
request @ legacy-build.min.js:1
initialize @ legacy-build.min.js:8
(anonymous) @ legacy-build.min.js:1
g @ legacy-build.min.js:1
request @ ext-tree.js:13
save @ (index):620
onclick @ (index):258