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Show Date of Birth / Required not compatible with Portuguese language

Show Date of Birth / Required not compatible with Portuguese language


I try to use the field "Date of Birth / Required " in Clients/Create acount and I have white page and this error:


<form class="form create account form-create-account" action="" method="post" id="form-validate" enctype="multipart/form-data" autocomplete="off"><input name="form_key" type="hidden" value="xzwL1yCuDMwSMv1d" /> <fieldset class="fieldset create info"><legend class="legend"><span>Informação Pessoal</span></legend><br> <input type="hidden" name="success_url" value=""><input type="hidden" name="error_url" value="">   <div class="field field-name-firstname required"><label class="label" for="firstname"><span>Nome</span></label> <div class="control"><input type="text" id="firstname" name="firstname" value="" title="Nome" class="input-text required-entry"  data-validate="{required:true}"></div></div> <div class="field field-name-lastname required"><label class="label" for="lastname"><span>Sobrenome</span></label> <div class="control"><input type="text" id="lastname" name="lastname" value="" title="Sobrenome" class="input-text required-entry"  data-validate="{required:true}"></div></div>   <div class="field choice newsletter"><input type="checkbox" name="is_subscribed" title="Subscreva&#x20;a&#x20;Newsletter" value="1" id="is_subscribed"  class="checkbox"><label for="is_subscribed" class="label"><span>Subscreva a Newsletter</span></label></div>      An error has happened during application run. See exception log for details.



I check exception log for details. = I haven´t errors

This field "Date of Birth / Required " works perfectly in others views English and Spanish language.

I have this problem in version 2.4.2 and 2.4.3