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Show product and Category URL

Show product and Category URL


How do I simply find a category and product url and show it on front end? I have lot's of migrated products in my store but if I do a search for products on the front-end of the store it won't show many any products?


Re: Show product and Category URL

You can find product URL from product page,

Go To admin panel,

Catalog -> Products 

Edit product, Go To Search Engine Optimization


Now you can directly access product by URL Key,



For Category, same as go to category page and open search engine optimization and get url key.


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Re: Show product and Category URL

Thanks for your reply.

But as you can see on the screenshot the URL key is empty. The product has been imported from another store.

The same is with categories. If I copy this URL it won't show anything, I get a 404.
See screenhot:

Re: Show product and Category URL

Is the URL Key present in below tables ?


1) catalog_category_entity_varchar (for category URL)

2) catalog_product_entity_varchar (for product URL )

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