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Slava Yurthev Slider

Slava Yurthev Slider

Hi guys, i am having issie with Slava Yurthev slider extension.

It is not compatible with php 7.3.16 it says


Anything i can do to make this work. I was using it on 2.2.6 and i was very happy with it


Thank in advance !


Re: Slava Yurthev Slider

Hi @ismail_hazim 


If you want to use the same extension and it is not supporting with PHP 7.3 then vendor can help to fix the issues for php 7.3.


Or If you want then you can downgrade your php version to php 7.2. Magento also suggest 7.2 and 7.3.


There might be few more extension which one has not released latest version for php 7.3.


I hope it will help you!