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Some content won't save in Content Pages


Some content won't save in Content Pages

I have some pages that will not save in a Content Page. If I take out particular pieces of the pages they will save, but if I try to save an entire page and click Save & Continue it will redirect back to the Pages list page without saving anything. 


It seems like particular words may be keeping the Page content from saving. Anyone have any ideas? 


The site is running off of M 2.2.1


Re: Some content won't save in Content Pages

What type of error thrown in CMS Page or atlease share your content so we can debug it for your site.

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Re: Some content won't save in Content Pages

Hi @larryinfl,


Can you enable Magento's logs?

Also, can you check if there is a broswer console error before saving or after?

Finally, can you share a screenshot of the content you're trying to save?

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Re: Some content won't save in Content Pages

Thanks for the replies guys. This is a very puzzling issue with no clear errors or recreatable conditions to narrow down the issue.


A few things first:


  • There are no errors in the logs related to this
  • Console does not show any errors during the save issue or after


To go over this in a bit more details; from the admin area in Magento 2, when I save particular pages of content it will not save. No errors, it just goes back to the parent admin page. For instance, if I’m trying to save a blog page when I click save it does not save the blog post and goes back to the main page listing all blog posts.


This issue ONLY happens to a blog page or a content/CMS page. The issue does not happen on a product page, category page, etc. I see no errors in the console, no errors to the log for this. 


I can cut back the post content and get down to the word that is keeping the page from saving. For instance, one test I just did the word ‘from’ was stopping it from saving. However, 'from' is also used earlier in the article and saved fine. In another blog post, the word 'selection' would not allow it to save. These words can be in the middle of the content. I could just take out the word in the middle of the content and it will save fine. So it is not related to the amount of characters. Also if I use the word that is keeping one page from saving in another page, that other page saves fine. So its not the actual words that are causing the issue.


I know you guys have asked for screen captures of the content, but I dont see how that would be helpful. It's literally oddball words causing havoc. 


Thanks in advance. This one has me scratching my head. lol

- Larry

Re: Some content won't save in Content Pages

After much testing and trials, I found the root issue!


This issue was mod_security. When I checked the mod_security log I saw it was blocking my saves due to suspicious mysql injections. I have adjusted the server and I am now able to save on all pages with no issues.