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Strange problem with product attributes

Strange problem with product attributes

Hi there!


I'm experiencing a strange problem with product attributes.


Here is what I'm doing:


1. Set product attribute + set 'used in layered navigation' to "YES"

2. Started adding values (there are about 600 of them to add)

3. I did "Save and Edit" every 20-30 values added

4. When I had about 200 of values added, after save, error message appeared saying that I should perform reindexing. This message did not appear before.

5. My product attribute disapeard from layered navigation. In the attribute settings the "Use in layered navigation' property is set to blank. When I try to switch it back to "Yes (no Results)" it didn't save changes to this property. 


WHAT HAPPEND? I can't get it back to layered navigation. I reindexed all indexes but it didnt help.


Please help!