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Street Address not showing on checkout


Street Address not showing on checkout

I've set up Magento CE 2.2.1 for my client.  I've successfully upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2.1 with no issues.  I've found, however, that the input field for Street Address on the checkout page (both one page and regular checkout) is not displaying.  It seems to my novice eye that it is not being styled correctly.  All other fields in the shipping-new-address-form are contained in a div (

<div class="field" data-bind="visible: visible, attr: {'name': element.dataScope}, css: additionalClasses" name="">) but the street address is the only one styled differently (<fieldset class="field street admin__control-fields required" data-bind="css: additionalClasses">)


However, being new to Magento and not a developer, I could be wrong. Any help locating and correcting this issue would be appreciated  Screenshots are below:





Re: Street Address not showing on checkout

changed it to 2 line street address and it seems to be working now.  Not sure that's a fix, but I'll take it.