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Stuck on - Update Pending

Stuck on - Update Pending



I am fairly new to Magento and was looking for a little help. I have basically tried to do 3 things 1. System Upgrade 2. Install an Extension 3. Enable an Extension (From a manual Install)...


However after completing the readiness check successfully i get to the last page install/enable and it seems to just get stuck and do nothing as shown in the screenshot below. 


It just says: Update Pending and does nothing.


I just wondered if anybody had any idea at all what was going wrong here.


Very brief overview of my system at the moment...

Version: 2.1.1

PHP Memory Limit: 2G

Cron Jobs are setup and working, and everything else seems to be running fine.


Many thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided to me.





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Re: Stuck on - Update Pending

Did you ever get this fixed? I've been unable too. It seems there isn't much support in these forums but there are a lot of people with questions about things not working as designed.