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Sync Problem

Sync Problem

I am using Soap Api in magento1.9 for addToCart process for mobile App....but the problem i am facing here is..

1. It is not synchronizing with my website and vice versa

2.Also Cart product items is disappear when we un-install the Mobile App(If we save it locally from mobile end).


I followed this link for web services: 


pls help me to resolve these issue. How can i do Sync. Mobile App with Website and vice versa.



Re: Sync Problem

Hi @myjeptag,


I guess is a little bit hard to help because you aren't showing an error.

Also, since you're using your own app/integration, is hard to try to trace where the problem could be.

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Re: Sync Problem

Hello Damian,

     Have a look to my code,and pls resolve my issue.


 require_once '../app/Mage.php';
 $db_handle = new DBController();
 //read JSon input
 $js = json_decode($jsondata, true);
 $session_id = strtolower($js['session_id']);
 $cart_id = $js['cart_id'];
 $product_id = $js['product_id'];
 $qty = $js['qty'];
 if(!empty($session_id) && !empty($cart_id) && !empty($product_id) && !empty($qty)){
$config["hostname"] = "";
  $opt = array('trace'=>1,'encoding'=>'utf-8');
$proxy = new SoapClient('http://'.$config["hostname"].'/index.php/api/soap/?wsdl', $opt);
   $arrProducts = array(
  "product_id" => $product_id,
  "qty" => $qty

$resultCartProductAdd = $proxy->call(

   if ($resultCartProductAdd) {
       $json = array("error" => false, "message" => "Add to cart successfully!");
   } else {
     $json = array("error" => false, "message" => "Not added!");
        } catch (Exception $e){
    $json = array("error" => true, "message" => $e->getMessage());
  $json = array("error" => true, "message" => "SessionID, CartID and Products not blank!");
    header('Content-type: application/json, charset=UTF-8');
    echo json_encode($json);



This is the code ,i am using . After Soap Login successful,it gives me sessionId,CartId .Using this i am writing web services for AddTocart. product is successfully Adding to Cart in Mobile App. But it is not synchronizing with website.Please help me.