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Template 53885 navigation drop down

Template 53885 navigation drop down

Hello - I am new to this forum and I need help because I have run out of things to do/try to fix an issue.


This site uses Magento Theme 53885 with some tweaks here and there.


In the clients office -two of the computers running Explorer 11 are not loading up the site properly.  And by that I mean the drop down navigation is not appearing.  They have gone onto the original theme link and the navigation is working fine there.  All the testing cross browser that I have done has shown that everything loads fine.  I have asked a couple of web developer friends to have a look and they cannot find anything and I have even gone onto People Per Hour to get help but despite what people have tried - we cannot replicate the issue or fix the issue.  I am going on the basis that it is purely on these two computers and there must be an issue on the clients end but I don't want to point the finger without knowing 100% for sure.


Any suggestions of what might be causing this - options for things to try or if someone has had the same issue in the past - all help would be appreciated because I do not know where to go from here.


Thanks in advance






Re: Template 53885 navigation drop down

This is a Magento 2 forum branch. Your design theme is not for Magento 2.