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Too Many redirects when behind a SSL reverse proxy

Too Many redirects when behind a SSL reverse proxy

Hello All:

We have tried a quiet a few things which are already mentioned in the forum but have not been able to solve the problem. Hope to get a complete solution.


We are running our website on say . - and we have a shopping menu which needs to go to which is our magento installation on a different server which is in our Virtual private cloud (internal ip).  This magento is deployed using Apache.


So we have a virtual host on (Apache) which uses location /shop to proxy it to our magento installation. We would like to terminate SSL on and proxy using HTTP to magento. 


We are running into too many redirects with this setup. We are looking to validate our configuration for 


  • Virtual Host on (Any HTTP headers etc ?)
  • Apache Configuration where Magento is installed including .htaccess
  • Base URL. Web URL in Magento. ? Should it be http or https ? 
  • Any other config of magento which is required ?

Thanks in advance.