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Translate Inline missing link


Translate Inline missing link

I have Magento 2.2.2
I use translate Inline to translate a one of two store views (default magento Luma footer links). The footer has five default links.
The footer has five links.
I made a mistake and did the following. I did not fill custom box with the text, but left blank. Then I press Submit. As a result, I lost this one link I tried to translate. It is not visible also in other store view. I can not restore it.
See my attached screenshot.

Has anyone had a similar problem and how can it be corrected?


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Re: Translate Inline missing link

Hi @latswim,


Maybe you can execute this query into your database:


SELECT * FROM `translation` 

And the find the string you translated as blank and delete that line from the table.

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Re: Translate Inline missing link

Hi @Damian Culotta,

Thank you for your suggestion.
No, unfortunately I could not find it.


MySQL said: #1146 - Table 'latswim_mage111.translation' doesn't exist

Re: Translate Inline missing link

I just fixed the problem.

I manually found the table: " mgj7_translation"

Then in the right line I entered translated text.

From the store admin I "Flush Magento Cash" and now everything is working.


Thanks again for the help!