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Translating customized options

Translating customized options

Hi guys,

I am using Magento 2 and I am facing a problem while I am trying to translate customized options names into various languages.


My current set up is the following: I have set up 2 store views: one in English, the other one in Spanish. I have modified the configuration of each store to match the according language ("Locale" option set to English for one store and Spanish for the other one).


Let's take the example of the creation of a product with the customised option named "Text customisation". I make sure to create it under the "All Store View". I save the product. Then I move to the Spanish store view on the product page to modify the customized option name. I change it to "Texto personalizacion" (default value tick is unticked). I save the product.

If i go back to the "English Store View" or to the "All Store View". I can see the spanish translation and my previous data entry was erased.


I can not figure out what I am doing wrong here.

Thank you





Re: Translating customized options

I found a Free solution here

Work fine for me (magento version 2.1.7)