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Translation is ignored - but only partially


Translation is ignored - but only partially


I have in the following file
magento/module-customer/view/frontend/web/template/authentication-popup. html

some translations.


Some of the translations in this file will be translated into German, but some of the translations are not working.


Which is not translated:
<li data-bind="i18n:' See order and shipping status'"></li>
<li data-bind="i18n:' Track order history'"></li>
<li data-bind="i18n:' Check out faster'"></li>


Other parts (of the same file) are translated.


However, the whole file is translated into French.

I don't understand that - after a few hours of searching I don't have another idea anymore and ask for help.


For French I use:
imaginaerum/magento2-language-fr-fr/dictionary. csv

For German:
magenerds/language-de_de/de_DE. csv

The string is in both of them:
"Check out faster", "translation..."


It works in French, but not in German. I always emptied the cache - but it doesn't change anything. If I edit the French value so it changes also on the website. In German he stubbornly shows the English text. But as I said, only partially, some of the words in this file are translated.


What could be the reason for this?


Many thanks in advance.



(magento 2.1.9)


Re: Translation is ignored - but only partially

Problem solved - something went wrong with the static cache...