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URGENT-Category load time 50sec

URGENT-Category load time 50sec


any categories with high products numbers(+10K) get very high time to load (40-50 sec).


can be checked.

as much as the category has more product , take more time.

5K product take 8sec...50K products take 45sec !


-i disable all 3rd parties module

-i copy the website for double check to AWS ->  

-servers has enough CPU/RAM

-i checked with LUMA theme 

-server side has been checked several time


*also in pagination(navigate page to page) is same point, if the category is heavy of product ,its take lot of time to load.


"we talk about un-cached page", for uncached no problem.


anyone could help

im in very bad situations. 





Re: URGENT-Category load time 50sec


I have also been in similar situation but products were ~3800


I had to disable Elastic cloud and also disable catalog search configuration under which they give message that, this will slow down your site. And, I also disabled Flat Catalog & Products settings.


Above might not be directly applicable for your case, but sharing how I got my site to work faster. Before that, Even saving products from Backend was taking 5 to 8 minutes!


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Re: URGENT-Category load time 50sec

Dear @Shailesh G 

finally i found the reason,

it was Elasticsearch

i downgraded from 7 to 6 then all works well.