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URL Re-writes - To Many??


URL Re-writes - To Many??


i ma new to magento 2.2 as previously on bigcommerce,

Setting up new store and noticed on the url re-writes the products seem to way to many re-writes.

Example products has 5 re-writes yet is only in 1 category, is this normal?


  • brands/davines/davines-minu-shampoo-250ml --- catalog/product/view/id/5389/category/712
  • brands/davines-minu-shampoo-250ml --- catalog/product/view/id/5389/category/633
  • davines-minu-shampoo-250ml --- catalog/product/view/id/5389/category/2
  • brands/davines/davines-essentials --- catalog/product/view/id/5389/category/714
  • brands/davines/davines-shampoo/davines-minu-shampoo-250ml --- catalog/product/view/id/5389/category/713

The only category this product is in is the "brands/davines/davines-essentials"


Re: URL Re-writes - To Many??

It does appear to think it's in multiple categories from what you've shared. 

The first two examples, magento has meant the product URL key works on the sub category as well as the parent category and the top level of the site:


  • brands/davines/davines-minu-shampoo-250ml
  • brands/davines-minu-shampoo-250ml
  • davines-minu-shampoo-250ml 

I would say that's desirable.


Then it also seems to be in brands/davines/davines-shampoo/ and brands/davines/davines-essentials. I don't think there's anything particularly untoward here.



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