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URL Rewrites Magento 2

URL Rewrites Magento 2

I've encountered a weird issue with my Magento 2 URL Rewrites function.

It seems like my 3rd party plugin (Yotpo) is pulling an /admin with the ProductURL function.

So for example this is what is showing for the URL:

And for a normal one:

Any idea why this could be? We are using a multistore and this issue seems to happen only for the Global store.

For example, on our SE it shows:

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: URL Rewrites Magento 2

Hi @AsafYotpo,


Maybe you can ask for support to Yotpo?

Re: URL Rewrites Magento 2

It is irrelevant to Yotpo, as they are using the getProductURL() function.

It seems like only links that were changed from the URL Rewrites added the /admin to the URL.