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URL error when adding products

URL error when adding products

I am sometime getting an error when adding products that says "URL key for specified store already exists". I think that it has to do with my product naming or SKU assignments. I am working with Magento 2.07.


I earlier asked about SKU logic of the sample database. I got no response. I have been adding products to the database, each with a unique SKU number. However, sometime they have the same product name. I assign a product name - for me it has been the collection name for the clothing. For clothing from the brand Aubade (for example), I can begin with the collection name "Swinging Nights" - the collection. Within each collection there might be a variety of clothing styles (Bras, Briefs, Nighties, Robes, etc). Within each clothing style there might be a variety of cuts (Full Bra, Half Cup Bra, Plunge Bra, Triangle Bra, Bandeau Bra). For each Bra cut there may be many different sizes (32, 33, 34, 35, etc) and shapes (A, B, C, D, E) and colors (Rose, Monmarte, Opium, etc). Presently, I have my Magento 2 Display Property set for "Products Only".


I started entering products using the name of the clothing "collection".  I thought that the SKU number would separate the different styles, cuts, sizes, shapes and colors. I couldn't imagine covering all these variants in the Product name. Even if I were to put the different cuts into the name (SWINGING NIGHTS Half Cup Bra, SWINGING NIGHTS Triangle Bra), I still must deal with the different colors and sizes and shapes to each of these different cuts of clothing. Aside from the SKU number, I don't know how to organize my product input. What is a good rule of thumb for naming products? Someone said that I need a special program extension, but I have no idea what extension there is to meet this problem of naming and organizing a variety of product attributes.


Re: URL error when adding products

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