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URL rewrites / URL key issues

Re: URL rewrites / URL key issues

I have successfully installed it and run the command:

php bin/magento ok:urlrewrites:regenerate

However, when I try and add products to a category I still get one of the same errors as before. I am thinking it must still have original re-writes held somewhere, otherwise it would not have known about them? Perhaps I should truncate as suggested by elfling.


Re: URL rewrites / URL key issues

For anyone else.


Truncate url_rewrite and clear all the 301 redirects. This will clear the issue and you can regenerate all the URL's with the module and you'll have no further issues.

Re: URL rewrites / URL key issues

Thank you for the information. I am running into this same problem and will probably use this module. Where do were clear the 301 redirects from?