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USPS Shipping Rates not showing?

USPS Shipping Rates not showing?

I posted this in the admin setup forum about a month ago, but did not get a response, so I'm trying here...


UPS methods are showing up fine, but I can't get USPS to show up.  I have entered my existing USPS id and password that's working for live rate lookup on my old classic asp site; and when that didn't work, I created a new USPS id and password.  I just get the error "This shipping method is currently unavailable ..."  I've seen a few other people with this question, but no response from anyone.


I did find something online that indicated that we needed to have PHP Soap extension enabled, and I confirmed that that is enabled on my server.  But still no luck.


Any help would be appreciated.


Re: USPS Shipping Rates not showing?

It's not SOAP, thats not used. You need to switch on the logging and see what the USPS request/response is.


Under USPS switch on the switch "Debug".  Then switch on general logging via the admin ( there are plenty of posts on how to do this) and look at the log in /var/log/system.log. The USPS response will give you more info as to whats up.


You don't need a password for USPS rates as FYI.